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Still getting the hang of my integration. I’ll try posting shorter tweet-style items using the app…


Happy #StarWarsDay everyone!

@manton I posted a photo after midnight ET but neither badge unlocked? Otherwise enjoying the new service and looking forward to exploring it more!

A game of Lanterns with my daughter from last weekend.

Now attempting a cross-post in the other direction… isn’t this fun?

For my first post, I’ll simply post a reminder of this month’s Indy Cocoaheads Meetup.

Stuart Bowman from Atomic Robot will be giving his talk on Unity game development on iOS.

Unity 3D has become a major game development platform for many developers over the past several years. In this session, we’ll be covering a high-level overview of what the platform offers, specifically for iOS game developers and explore some of the mobile VR possibilities using Google Cardboard on iOS.