Chris Patterson

Who has two thumbs and looking for dinner plans? This guy! #WWDC18

Friendly reminder to enable Low Power mode while at #WWDC18

I’m actually tearing up here a little. Those aerial ISS images for Apple TV are just stunning here in the room. #WWDC18

Also coming soon to Apple Watch: bloated JavaScript libraries and HTML cross-platform UI frameworks. #WWDC18

Ok personally, I actually might us Memoji more than I ever would have used Animoji. #WWDC18

Memoji: Sherlocked Bitmoji #WWDC18

App Shaming is now a feature!

Who had an updated Stocks app on their Bingo card? #WWDC18

Whoa. Siri shortcuts is a monster feature! So many possibilities.

The 2009 original App Wall! #WWDC18

IND✈️HOU✈️SJO. #WWDC2018 here I come!

Anyone interested in getting together for a @Sense8 Finale viewing on Friday?

Looking for stuff to watch in flight tomorrow to preload on my iPad. Suggestions?

Why oh why did this misogynist crap show up in my Meetup notifications?? The really sad thing is, I have no doubt this joker will find his quota of like-minded creeps.…

What gives? I didnt see or hear a thing about #NationalDonutDay all day at work! 😢🍩

Just a reminder that I am also @chrispatterson on

Still getting the hang of my integration. I’ll try posting shorter tweet-style items using the app…


Happy #StarWarsDay everyone!

@manton I posted a photo after midnight ET but neither badge unlocked? Otherwise enjoying the new service and looking forward to exploring it more!